Mission Statement


Herald Biblical Theatrical Company was a non-profit theatrical group founded in 1985 for the main purpose of bringing the written Word of God to all people, of all denominations, through dramatic presentations, music, song and dance.   Our desire was and is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ so that all who hear
may come to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior.   We lift up the name of Jesus wherever we go and desire that God’s perfect will be done.

The History of Herald Biblical Theatrical Group

In the 60′s,  JoAnn Havrilko was searching spiritually for what God wanted her to do in her life.
At a Christian retreat center a word of prophecy was spoken to her about a ministry of music.
She formed a Christian singing duet, Glory Road, and began singing in churches by invitation. Whenever she heard the music from Dallas Holm’s “His Last Days” she would cry not knowing why.
Years passed by and when an opportunity arose in 1985, she approached Father Edward McElduff at St. Nicholas’ Church in Walnutport, PA about presenting a choral of “His Last Days”.

An invitation went out to the congregation for singers and helpers then was extended to Hope Lutheran Church in Cherryville, Pa..  That year Herald was born with two performances – one at each church.  The name came about during a newspaper interview about the show and Herald was used because the group proclaims God’s Good News. The group was invited to other churches and thus began a ministry using music, dance and acting to bring Jesus to all who will come.

Herald performed “His Last Days” every Spring season averaging 12 shows with bookings up to two years in advance.  Herald celebrated 30 years of ministry in 2014 and Herald feels that is a milestone that cannot be topped.  This was our last season in 2014.   The group was inter-denominational and family orientated with all ages.

The words and music for most of the songs in the Herald Biblical Group’s

production of His Last Days were written and composed by Dallas Holm.
The words and music share the story of Jesus’ last days before the crucifixion.
The stirring words and music touch the heart and soul.
The music is no longer published by Dallas Holm

Additional songs were composed by JoAnn Havrilko with inspiration from the Lord.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)


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